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Monthly Archives: June 2010

I’ve been away from the blog for a few days, mostly because real life keeps getting in the way. (Who knew yard work could be so brutal?) But as of today, I have posted the last of my class documents to this blog.

I do intend to keep blogging, so fear not (the three of you who have actually read this). However, I don’t know how likely I am to keep blogging on education right now. We will see. But if I do create a personal blog, I will make sure that I link to this one as well.


I have added another piece to my portfolio. (Two in one day… an embarrassment of riches!) It is a bit more vague than I had intended, but there are some specific ideas in there that I intend to return to and flesh out.

Also, a thought just struck me: lectures. I love them, but most students do not. But one reason for that is that the lectures are being delivered to students on OUR time, not theirs. What if we were able to change that? As I see it, we can. Most students have ipods or some similar mp3 device. I am considering the idea of putting my entire year’s worth of lectures online, and instructing students that they are to listen to them on their own time… while driving to school or work, while working out, doing dishes, or playing video games. If students were able to listen to lectures at their leisure, including the ability to stop and take a break or review information that was unclear, they might make more of a connection!

I know that this is not an original thought, but I don’t know anyone who has done it. I wouldn’t know where to begin with this. If you’ve had experience with this, I’d love to hear it!

I understand that some students will simply not listen to the files, but I don’t know if the numbers of intentional “non-listeners” would be any greater than the number of students who simply “tune out” lectures, anyway.

Thoughts? Am I totally idiotic to think that mp3 lectures would make sense? Has anyone tried this with their students?

My online portfolio is an in-process work, but I have uploaded a tools review and an educational philosophy as it relates to technology in the classroom.

I hope to have some more interesting materials here in the near future.

I’m still playing with this whole blogging thing, so I am not sure what I should say as of right now. However, I hope to have something useful and interesting to say in the near future.

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