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I’ve been away from blogging for a while. A few years, in fact. And I’m not entirely sure that I want to get back into it. So why am I writing this at all? I’ve discovered that, more than anything else, I lack writing discipline. I’m hoping that I can make this blog a place to practice the discipline of regular writing.

Also, I’ve discovered that my area of academic interest (urban studies and discourses of futurity with a particular emphasis on the revitalization of Detroit) is burning me out a bit. And since academics who work in the humanities have to be flexible and take on multiple sites of study, I’m using this as a place to practice my secondary interest: fantasy/SF studies and gaming/gamification studies.

We’ll see if it will take hold this time… I’ve started and stopped here multiple times. Let’s see if I’ve got the discipline to make it stick.

So, I’m going to try to make this blog all about fantasy/SF/gaming as a place to take a break from urban revitalization discourse analysis. I’ll try not to go off on urban studies tangents.* But I will be digressing into my thoughts on grad school from time-to-time.

Share and enjoy!



*I’ll also try not to write about my dogs.


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